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The Parents’ Association of Ballynacally National School encourages parental involvement in school activities and raises funds for various school projects and resources. Meetings are held throughout the year and the Parents’ Association are always welcoming of new members. Every parent or guardian of a child in Ballynacally National School is considered a member of the Parents’ Association, and is encouraged to attend meetings and contribute. 

The Parents’ Association is committed to facilitating communication among parents, the school, the Board of Management, and the broader community, to enhance the school experience for the pupils, teachers and families, and to further the mission and goals of Ballynacally National School. 

Our Parents’ Association is the structure through which parents can work with our school for the best possible education and school environment for our pupils. It is proven that partnership between the home and school is important, to ensure your child fulfils their potential through the education provided.

Activities during the year

  1. Fundraising: including a 2nd hand book sale, church gate collection, clothes collection, Christmas cards and school calendar.
  2. Hospitality: catering for the families of First Holy Communion pupils.
  3. Fun: Ice-cream van at sports day, pizza and pop at end of year, yard markings and art activities.

If you would like to get involved in helping out with any activities during the year, please don’t hesitate to contact the Parents’ Association.